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RV Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds

RV Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds

Posted by Erik @ (410)-451-5181 ext. 205 on Mar 5th 2018

Eastern Carts loaded up a few of our latest golf cart projects and headed out to the RV Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds last weekend. The event provided a great opportunity to interact with new and existing customers in an environment where golf carts are continuously growing in popularity: The RV community.

We went with the intention to show potential customers the numerous possibilities available to them, in hopes of leaving them with one question: What better way to cruise around the campground, the beach, or the race car track than in a fully customized golf cart?

Our golf carts range from cost-effective, functioning transportation all the way to completely customized, neck-breaking looks and full audio systems.

We were able to learn a lot about what our customers are looking for in a golf cart, tailoring our services to these specific needs. This relationship is what separates Eastern Carts from the competition: the ability to personally work with each customer in order to satisfy their golf cart needs.

So, what if you intend to use your brand new custom golf cart at a campground that has strict golf cart regulations? That’s no problem at all for Eastern Carts. We have experience communicating directly with the campground in order to assure that your custom golf cart abides by all of the regulations, yet still stands out from the monotony of other golf carts cruising around.

Eastern Carts specializes in building some of the most versatile golf carts on the market, and our hundreds of satisfied customers are a testament to that. Whether you’re navigating the campground, loading up to cruise to the beach, or busy tending to your estate, Eastern Carts can build the perfect golf cart for you.